About Us

OldPeoples State Bank was chartered on January 18, 1929, by the Texas Banking Commission.  The bank purchased the building and all the assets of the insolvent First State Bank.   The first location was on the west side of the town-square.  The first Board of Directors consisted of: Dr. C. T. Dufner, W. D. Timm, M. I. Bozka, H. J. Schornack and Joseph Kopecky.  The first bank president was Dr. C. T. Dufner.  He served as president until his death on November 15, 1957.
M. I. Bozka assumed the responsibilities of president in January 1958.  During this time the bank continued to serve the people of the community.
James Bozka took over as president in July 1967.  The bank continued to grow and prosper.  In June 1971, the bank purchased property on the south side of the courthouse square with the intention of building a larger building and addressing the needs for a drive up facility and increased customer parking.  In 1974, the bank opened the doors to its current location. 
In January 1992, Roman J. Shimek was appointed president and served for the next four years.  During this period, we expanded our current location.  This allowed for more office and storage area. 
Stanley D. Bujnoch, Jr. was appointed president in January 1997.  Although the look of our facility has not changed, the internal structure of the bank has changed.  We have moved into the technology era. Some of the products that we have incorporated are debit cards, imaged statements, internet banking, bill pay and telephone banking.
The bank continues to use all technology available to better serve our customers while still maintaining the personal one on one service that our customers have come to expect.
Peoples State Bank has seen tremendous growth throughout the years and strives to maintain that growth.  We want to remain A REAL COMMUNITY BANK.